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Having booked my bike into the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative I expected to have to leave it there to have my gears set up and return to collect it tomorrow; that’s what I normally have to do. Instead they fixed it there and then, and all for nothing, it being the first service after they fitted a new freewheel cassette a few months back.

I have to say — and I said this to the chap in the workshop — every time I’ve been to the EBC their service, enthusiasm and help have been fantastic. They are clearly all bike enthusiasts who are only too happy to help people of all abilities. No question is too stupid, they really are there to help. I thoroughly recommend them.

So, this afternoon I went out on my bike, to test out my new Cateye Velo 8 trip computer. I cycled only 0.9 miles when I got a puncture: a dirty great thorn sticking into my front tyre. Thankfully, I always carry my bike toolkit (in an unused toiletries bag) and two spare inner-tubes, so I pulled over and replaced my front inner-tube:

Bike without front wheel leaning against a hedge

… and took off again. Here’s the data from my trip computer:

Time: 55 mins 47 seconds
Distance: 11:09 miles
Total Distance: 11:1 miles
Average Speed: 11.9 mph
Max Speed: 35.5 mph
Calories burned: 295.9 calories*

(* The calorie consumption data is only the accumulated value that is calculated from the speed data of every second. It differs from the actual consumed calorie.)

I’m determined to get fit again. I’ve put on far too much weight over the summer, mostly due to both comfort eating (as I’ve not dealt with various bits of news very well), and lack of exercise (not helped by my pulling muscles in my back in July). The trip computer I’m hoping will be a good motivational tool, helping me to chart my progress using the magic of numbers.

Now, can anybody tell me what a calorie is (without looking it up)? I know, but do you?

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2 thoughts on “Bike it … you’ll like it!”

  1. The amount of energy used up when you raise the temperature of a gram water by 1 degree at a temperature of 15 degrees is a calorie.
    And I didn’t even look it up! It’s the sad biology student inside me…

  2. Ah, EBC…so many hours spent in there, being dragged around by my dad, while i ogled the rather attractive shop assistants…happy memories!

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