My brother Eddie and I have been working late into the night on a presentation we’re doing at the Murrayfield Churches Together’s monthly Sundays at Seven evening. The first one kicks off this month with “Where is God in modern music?”. We’re using PowerPoint, but not in the dull, predictable bullet-points approach. Instead we’re using plenty of images with small snippets of text.

Thanks to Computer Arts magazine I’ve discovered the wonderful online resource that is iStockPhoto. The quality and quantity of photographs on offer is staggering, and very reasonably priced too. The skyline photograph of Edinburgh (above) is from

For those of you who’d rather not have to pay for images (but wouldn’t mind arguing it out in court later for infringement of copyright) there is always Google Images and Flickr.

Off to bed now …

Update: Just in case you don’t read the comments, my friend Kelvin also suggested where you can obtain copyright-free images for nothing.