Spot the difference

You’ve got to love the internet. Not only can you download almost anything you could ever want, ever — legally or otherwise™ — but you can also chat to your friends while they are online too, using Skype or MSN Messenger, or both.

Here is my friend Steve Lawson looking all geeked-up:

Steve on MSN

… and just to prove that I can be as geeky as the next beardy, bespectacled computer user, here am I:

Gareth on MSN

Can you spot the differences?

Life imitating art?

Optician advertEach week my Mum sends me The Selkirk Weekend Advertiser through the post; a local newspaper that combined the long-running The Selkirk Advertiser with its upstart rival The Selkirk Weekender, and until relatively recently was still printed in Selkirk.

It’s great, it keeps me up to date with what’s going on in my hometown of Selkirk, in the heart of the Scottish Borders: who’s getting married, who’s been arrested, and what folks are selling in the classified. My favourite classified ad, to date, was advertising three bridesmaids’ dresses. “Never before worn in Selkirk” it stressed at the end of its description. These minor details are the important ones.

A couple of weeks ago Mum sent me a copy of the Border Telegraph, a newspaper that covers news in Selkirkshire, Roxburghshire and Berwickshire. On the frontpage was this advert (see above) for Crown Optical Centre. Now, I’m not quite sure whether this is a genuinely badly printed advert, or whether they are trying to recreate something from the brilliant local-newspaper-spoof The Framley Examiner. The advert really is that blurred.