!DOCTYPE woes!

So, it’s five to four on Monday and in an ideal world Jane and I would be sunning it up on the Fife coast by now. But it’s not, and many of my blog posts are a tribute to that fact!, which is why we’re still at home and in the midst of packing.

I had a small web project that I needed to get finished before I went, and I thought that I had about two hours ago … only to discover that there was something broken with the navigation in … can you guess? … wait for it … that’s right: Internet Explorer! To say that I was a little disappointed wouldn’t be enough. I do recall hitting my fist off the desk at one point and shouting “O bother!”.

Anyway, investigations began and it didn’t take me too long before I stopped and suddenly recalled one of my well-worn troubleshooting phrases: “If there is ever a problem, check the !DOCTYPE first.” And sure enough that’s where the problem lay.

I don’t have time to go into all the ins and outs of DOCTYPEs, but thankfully the kind people at A List Apart do. I thoroughly recommend their article Fix Your Site With the Right DOCTYPE! by the incredible Jeffrey Zeldman.

Off to pack now. Back later in the week …


As of about 90 minutes ago I’m now officially on holiday! It is looking likely that this year I will, for the first time in my six years full-time ordained ministry, get my full entitlement of holidays. For the first three years I lost out on two weeks each year. That’s curacies for you!

This is my main erm … summer holiday this year. While I managed to take a week in June, booked at the last minute, I spent most of it in bed in Cellardyke with some viral flu-like infection, which is not my favourite way of relaxing.

I have two weeks off; Jane has the first week only. So we’re heading over to Cellardyke for a few days, while we have folks here to keep the cats company. I have to be back on Thursday, however, for a band rehearsal (I’m playing in the Powerpoint youth event band again this year). Then on Friday I have a job interview in the morning, which is why I’m up so late, preparing for it. I’ll offer more details later. In the meantime, if it’s your discipline, please pray for me.

We will probably attend the Christian Resources Exhibition in the afternoon, as Jane’s dad is doing a couple of seminars, and then the Powerpoint youth event is in the evening (lots of Metal Worship™ courtesy of Laney, Digitech, Fender and my fingers!).

For week 2 I’ll be back in Edinburgh. My plan is to catch up on some website redesigns and various other half-finished ‘boy projects’ that I’ve had sitting in my “Someday Oneday” category in Outlook Tasks. I’m looking forward to it.