An enjoyable day off to save the galaxy

Today has been a long, but enjoyable day off. It all began around 05:00 when I woke up needing a pee and couldn’t get back to sleep when I returned to bed for worrying about the gazillion things on my Outlook tasks list. So I just got up and started to do them.

I do realise that days off are supposed to be for re-creation and relaxation, but to be honest there was no way I was going to relax until I’d got the rotas retyped and emailed to team members, and answer the 75 emails that I’d marked “For Follow Up” in Outlook 2003. Then there was more email folder purging to be done, and a little more My Documents folder reorganisation. And all before lunch. Mind you, I didn’t have my lunch until around 15:00.

At the end of it all I managed to enjoy a round of Star Wars Battlefront. And I manged to save the galaxy this afternoon. Again. Which was nice.