A Blogger’s Favourite Blogs blog-meme (Edinburgh edition)

The following questions were posted on Steve Lawson’s blog, who concluded his post with “Right, there you go – now go answer them on your own blogs!”. So, being an obedient sort of chap …

1. If you were stuck on a desert island with an internet connection to only one blog, whose would it be?
I would have said Steve Lawson’s blog but you can’t leave comments on it, and I would definitely want a blog that I could leave messages like, “Help! I’m stuck on a desert island. It’s the one with sand, palm trees and, oddly, a T1 internet connection. Please send International Rescue … or Melissa auf der Maur (see later!).” So … it would have to be … well, I was then going to say James Frost’s blog, but he posts so infrequently that I’d get bored of reading the same posts quite quickly. So I’m going to say Thought Mechanics, which I’ve started to read recently … plus, I love the name.

2. Which is the blog that makes you laugh the most?
James Frost’s The Bears Are Coming website/blog. Take for example, “I haven’t blogged in approximately… 2 and a half thousand billion years, so I thought I should try and post something.” That had me crying with laughter.

3. Which blog is most likely to make you cry?
Sleepless in Sudan. Uncensored, direct from a dazed & confused aid worker in Darfur, Sudan. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this website. A link to a link to a link probably. It’s heartbreaking what is going on in that country.

4. Which blog is most likely to inspire you to part with cash for a CD/DVD?
Without a doubt: Amazon UK. I know that it’s technically not a blog, but it might as well be. They pack their site with loads of great recommendations, that quite often I’m just too tempted to say no.

5. Which blog is most likely to cause you to change your mind about an issue?
Probably Noam Chomsky’s blog, Turning the Tide. I’ve long admired his writings about linguistics and politics. (Although he’s not blogged for ages … he’s probably under house arrest by the US Government and banned from any access to the internet!)

6. Which blog do you read first in the morning?
It’s usually Steve Lawson’s blog, if I’m honest. If for no other reason than he’s such a prolific blogger, but he also has Interesting Things To Say(TM).

7. Of the blogs you read by people you don’t know, who would you most like to meet?
That would be either Noam Chomsky for the reasons stated above, or Melissa auf der Maur because I find her music and view on life inspiring … oh! and she’s gorgeous!

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