Online radio

Yesterday my stereo died.

I’d noticed on Friday that it was playing back both CDs and radio with some degree of distortion, then yesterday it was spontaneously resetting itself, wiping the stored radio channels and the cassette deck (the what?!) was switching itself off, with no cassette in, and making a continuous clicking noise.

It did that for the last time while I was out conducting a service at an old folks’ home, Jane strode through to my study and switched the unit off. We’ve not been able to switch it back on since.

So I’m having to find new ways to listen to the radio and my wall of cassettes: Real Player for radio (I usually only listen to BBC Radio 1, 2 and 4, and occasionally 6Music and Radio 7), and I’ll need to wire in my cassette deck to my PC soundcard once again … if only I had the PlusDeck2!

I suspect that when I get round to replacing this hi-fi I’ll go for separates from Richer Sounds to join my Sherwood double cassette deck. (I can’t believe that some people don’t know about Richer Sounds. It’s a wonderful chain of stores.)