MSN Messenger for Psion

When my PC went down a couple of weeks ago my trusty Wi-Fi-ed Psion Series 7Book came to the rescue for instant-on web access, email and even MSN.

That was my great discovery the week before I trashed my hard drive, and just in time too. MSN2Go is “the world’s first free web-based MSN client to be created in the form of a Java applet”. Not content to leave it there, a group of Psion programmers wrote a Psion-specific installation application and ‘Java wrapper’ making installation a simple case of running the .sis file.

MSN2Go for EPOC screenshot
MSN2Go running on a Psion 7Book, with two chat windows open. (Email addresses have been pixelated to protect the innocent.)

While MSN2Go has neither the features of MSN 7.5, nor is it as polished an application, that doesn’t seem to matter. It’s simply a joy to be able to connect to my MSN Messenger friends on a truly portable device.

The actual MSN2Go client is slightly too wide for the Psion Java wrapper, which means that when you run it the sign in button is only partially visible, but visible enough to use. One slight nag is that the client doesn’t remember your username and password. But once entered and the sign in button clicked logging on is very quick; the connection status window keeps you up to speed on what is happening.

The main contacts window shows a list of who is Online and who is Offline, listed by MSN nickname and email address. Their status is shown on the left:

[AWY] Away
[BSY] Busy
[IDL] Idle
[NLN] Online

Double-tapping a contact brings up the chat window. The major portion of the window is given over to your chat history, the lower part is where you type your message, beside which is a fat button marked “Send”. And beneath that is a status dialog telling you when the other user has closed the window or is typing a message. It’s simple, but wonderfully effective.

One conversation from a couple of weeks ago:

Gareth: Guess where I am
James: On your Psion?
Gareth: Yes, but where?
James: In the garden?
Gareth: Close. I'm sitting on the doorstep.
James: Why?
Gareth: ... because I can!

Instant-on, portable, wireless internet connection to my friends via MSN2Go for Psion. Life just doesn’t get much better than that!*

This evening it took me about 30 minutes to find the MSN2Go application for Psion. To save me again, and anyone else who needs it, I’ve uploaded it to my blog.

Download: MSN2Go for Psion ( 28 KB

(*Actually, I’m quite sure it does!)