Parish outing to Fife

Today we’re having a shorter Eucharist service at church — 30 minutes instead of (usually just over) 60 minutes — before we all pile into a hired coach and head for Fife.

Our church building at St Salvador’s, Stenhouse, is seemingly outwardly modelled on the parish church of St Monans (or St Monance), on the Fife coast. The interior is completely different, but externally it’s of a very similar design. So, a number of members of the congregation were keen that we visit there on our next parish outing.

Our plan is to start at St Monans, have a bite of (packed) lunch there, before moving on to the beautiful town of Crail for a bit of a potter at the pottery. We’ll end the afternoon with a spot of afternoon tea at our cottage by Cellardyke harbour before returning to Edinburgh in time for tea.

Unfortunately Jane still isn’t well enough to come — the plan was that she drove over in time to prepare the tea for us arriving in Cellardyke — so I’ll have to concoct some other plan. Hmmm…