Rover … over

Well, The Bassman™ is back in town! Steve rolled into town this afternoon aboard a GNER omnitrain. He’s up buying our Rover 414 off us (and I’m sure lots of other musically-related exploits!).

Rover 414 ... new

This photo was taken the day we picked up the Rover 414 v8 from Abercrombie at Seafield in Edinburgh (now Arnold Clark) and drove down to Selkirk to show off. It was brand new and everything™! Look how shiny it is. And how much it is adorned with gorgeous human beings!

I’m really fond of that car; I’ll miss it. But it’s going to a good home, and hopefully when Steve packs it full of amps and guitars and PA equipment he’ll also have room enough for his girlfriend’s legs!

Psion 7Book and WiFi, pt.3

At last, I now have WiFi working on my Psion 7Book! Ian Robertson from The Wireless Store sent me a couple of WiFi cards to try, in exchange for the one that didn’t work, a BreezeNET and another Lucent Orinoco Gold, and the latter did the trick.

I now have full WiFi internet access on my Psion. Opera 5.14 for EPOC is adequate for browsing the net. The built-in nFTP works like a dream connecting to my servers. The only problem I’m having is with email. So far I’ve only been able to send mail to my own email addresses! Any attempt to send mail to any other address results in an error:

Problem sending email
Send 0 emails of 1
Unknown error

In the email logs I get the following:

550 relaying prohibited by administrator

A quick jaunt through the ever-amazing Google Groups indicates that it’s got something to do with my mail server needing SMTP authentication … but the EPOC Email program v.2.00(518) is too old to offer that sort of new fangled goodness. How mad!

I’ve just discovered SmtpAuth which appears to act as a proxy server for outgoing mail and does the SMTP authentication for you. These lovely people of the internet have thought of everything!

UPDATE: Wed 07 September 2005 @ 01:03
I can now send email! I installed and configured SmtpAuth for EPOC. It took a while to get right, but it now works like a dream.