The natives are restless

I’ve had a complaint. About the blog. Yeah, that’s right: this blog. Can you believe it?!

I got this message, tied to an e-bottle and shoved up my MSN Messenger delivery pipe (I’ve changed the name to protect the innocent):

“[Rude Girl] is bored with all your geek-talk on the blog and requests more interesting human-interest stories, of the ‘Chat’ or ‘Hello’ magazine variety”

Honestly! Hello magazine … hello!!? That is so not me. But just to show that I’ve got no hard feelings and am keen to please my readership. Tomorrow, exclusive only on the View from the Potting Shed blog:

  • VICAR SHADES – Ten HOT looks for clergy this summer
  • ROCK STAR WEDDING – Photographs of cult member (me!) in wedding band
  • NEWS IN PICTURES – EXCLUSIVE Photographs of members of my family just standing around. Wearing clothes. And everything(tm)

Will that do? Or are you wanting something deeper, something with a bit more pain and angst? A photo diary of my next trip to the Fertility Dept, perhaps? Hmmm… what kind of culture do we live in?!

4 thoughts on “The natives are restless”

  1. Perhaps you could have a ‘Clergy and their partners in their homes’ section. I think you also need to have ‘Clergy Cellulite-Watch’ and perhaps exposing photos of ‘Clergy In the Nite-Clubs’

  2. Genius! You have obviously read more magazine trash than I have! I’m now thinking that this would make a perfect addition to the Taking the Episcopalian website.

    What would the clerical equivalent of Hello! be called? “Dear Lord!” perhaps. Or would “Amen!” be the equivalent of “Ok!”?

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