Linspire 5 Live CD

I’m typing this from within the Linspire 5 Live Linux distro, which (of course) uses a customized Mozilla browser called “Linspire Internet Suite 1.6”.

I appear to have the tiniest display setting ever. It is ludicrously small, and for some reason I also can’t see the whole screen — the “Launch” button is beneath the bottom of the screen. When I tried to adjust the display settings I was told that I needed to reboot for the settings to change … erm, if I do that it’ll just boot the live distro from CD again and I’ll be back at the beginning. Mad.

Ubuntu and Kubuntu recognised my setup far better. Anyway, it’s late. I need my bed. I’ll write more about this tomorrow.

One thought on “Linspire 5 Live CD”

  1. Hi Gareth (Steering clear of Wifi issues for a moment!!!) I tried the Linspire Live in my Sony widescreen laptop and it floorlessly recognised the wide screen resolution. I was mucho-impressed’o . So much so I nearly bought a retail copy. Instead I plumped for Xandros 3 thouhg. Sadly the Sony has now been sold to fund other projects. Xandros moved to my desktop.

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