I’ve lost my memory (card)

Odd. My PNY Multimedia Card (MMC) was working fine yesterday. I plugged it into my Belkin multi-card reader, copied off the photos, and deleted them after me (I’m polite like that).

This afternoon I took said card with me to Soo and Martin’s wedding. Would it work?! No! It said that the card needed to be formated. “So format it,” I said. It tried. It also failed.

“Can’t!” it said. “Shall I try again?”

“Yeah, go for it,” I said. It failed again. And again. And even when I tried to format it on Jane’s laptop. Dang!

Wouldn’t work back here at Potting Shed HQ, either. Did funny things to my Belkin 8-in-1 too. All the other MMC and SD cards work fine. But Eddie and Rebecca’s Memory Stick (Magic Gate) didn’t. How frustrating. How odd.

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