SWBF online, pt.2

This evening I thought I’d give Star Wars Battlefront another go online. Except this time I ran the dedicated PC server on the bedroom PC, upstairs and tried to connect to it via Gamespy. And look:

Star Wars Battlefront Potting Shed server on Gamespy

it was listed on Gamespy, for all the world to see. And connect to. If only they had the secret password. My friend James managed to connect. But unfortunately not at the same time as me.

Getting the port, firewall and router settings was the hardest thing. But Yoda’s Help Desk came to the rescue, as did the Gamespy support site.

In other news, Star Wars Battlefront II is now listed on Amazon UK. The release date is now set for Monday 31 October 2005, and this is the cover:

Star Wars Battlefront 2

SWBFII promises to be bigger and better than the original, with space battles, playable Jedi, and more scenes from all six the films, including aboard the ship at the beginning of Episode IV (the very first Star Wars movie).

Okay, I’m now remembering that I’m 33. I’m going to calm down now. Ahem…!