Retro geeky coolness in a box

In stark contrast to Steve Lawson’s blog post “What is this, how you say, ‘Kassett’??” where he wrote:

“What is it? Is this some new technology I’ve not seen before? A small plastic box, with a long ribbon inside wound round two spools.

Ooh, I remember – cassette tape! Blimey.”

I’d love this piece of hardware; it’s the ultimate in retro nerdiness. (And just ignore anything to the contrary that Mr Lawson may post in the comments below!)

Plus Deck 2

It’s the PlusDeck 2, a cassette deck for your PC! It’s not that I think audio cassettes are superior to MP3 or CD audio (I don’t). It’s just that I’ve got over 800 cassettes and some way of transferring them easily to MP3 would be welcomed at Potting Shed Towers.

And it does look pretty cool. (Quiet now, Steven! And go back to your digital looping boxes!)

WordPress 1.5.2 now available

WordPress 1.5.2 now available for download from the WordPress website.

Upgrading from a previous incarnation of version 1.5 is simply a case of backing up the MySQL database, backing up the current WordPress installation, deleting everything apart from \wp-content and wp-config.php, and then uploading the new files. That’s it.

WordPress 1.5.2 contains a number of security fixes, bug fixes, and a new “Save and Continue Editing” button for Pages (although I’ve just noticed that this is only available once you have actually created a new page, which I guess makes sense).

I love WordPress. It’s simple to install, use, develop, and upgrade.