Returning to normal

Dining Room

Things are slowly returning to normal at Potting Shed HQ. Today we got our dining room back (left) … albeit that it is now harbouring Mum’s PC while it undergoes a full reinstallation of Windows.

James has been upgraded from a futon mattress on the dining room floor to a double bed in the guest room, while Joinee Hazel (#1) and Jo (from Devon) are leaving this evening, and have kindly stripped their beds.

It’s been great fun having so many people to stay. I’ll really miss it when they all go; I already miss Steve and Cath (TSP!) being here — their daily routine, the gig in the evening, but most of all their friendship and laughter.

This festival has reminded me a little of when I lived at the Shaftesbury Society‘s Lansdowne Centre in Bermondsey, London SE1. There were around 14 of us living there, and I loved it. I had my own space when I needed it, and community when I needed that too. We all mucked in together, cooked for one another, prayed and played with one another.

Good friends, good memories, and as much cleaning as I wanted! What a perfect way to live, in Christian community.

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