A tale of two ports

Tomorrow our next two Edinburgh Festival guests arrive, joinee Hazel and her friend Jo. So on my way to bed this evening (morning!) I switched on the PC in the guest room to check that it was all working fine. The LAN cable runs beneath the door and I’m always worried that it gets severed.

It didn’t work. Bah! No network connection. No internet connection.

I checked the cable. Darn! It was cut in a couple of places, the wires showing through the plastic shielding. Manipulating the wire didn’t help, so in the end I cut the wire either side of the suspected fracture and spent 20 minutes stripping the wires and reconnecting them, using block connectors that I had in my toolbox.

It still didn’t work! Hmm… I snuck downstairs, past Mike Jeremiah asleep in the dining room (with the candlestick) to check the router. It wasn’t registering that it was connected to the bedroom PC, but it was registering a Mac (network card) address. Curious.

To cut a long (cable and) story shorter: the LAN cable was pluged into the wrong network socket in the PC. It was plugged into the onboard port on the motherboard and not the Netgear FA330/331.

I’m such an idiot! I should have left it until the morning. (Note to self.)