I can print my own stamps!

It’s true! And it’s legal.

A couple of months ago my favourite post office (and the friendliest and most helpful that I’ve ever been to) was closed down. It was the PO at Safeway at the Gyle shopping centre, and although I did write to Morrisons and to the Post Office to challenge their decision it still closed.

While there are two post offices within walking distance of my house — one about a 25 mins walk on St John’s Road, the other about 10 mins walk on Dochart Drive — I’ve not found either to have quite the same friendly and helpful service as the old PO at the Gyle.

So I took matters into my own hands and downloaded and installed the Royal Mail’s SmartStamp software onto my PC.

I haven’t looked back. It’s like having my own post office right here in my own study. All I have to do is make sure that I have enough credit in my account, weigh my envelopes (on postal scales I bought for £7 at Office World) and print my own stamps onto labels (Avery L7163, since you asked nicely). It will even query my Microsoft Outlook Contacts and print address labels too.

The system is really simple to use, the software is really quite intuitive, and it has saved me hours already from walking to the PO and standing in queues. The only downside is that the service costs £49.99 per year subscription, but I’m sure I’ll recoup that in savings from not having to drive to the Gyle whenever I need to post stuff. Oh yeah, and it’s a nice geeky toy!

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3 thoughts on “I can print my own stamps!”

  1. Each printed stamp has its own unique code. I’m not sure how the Royal Mail scan these but I imagine that it is this that determines whether it is legal or not. Also, each stamp has a “Post By” date.

  2. Interesting… Ah, so if the code were used twice, the second would be rejected. Makes sense.

    Oh, and I e-mailed you again. Sorry! 😉

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