My future

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the bishop to discuss my future. I’m on a limited, three year appointment, and in April 2006 the money dries up and I’ll once again be without a post.

I meet with Bishop Brian at 10:00 am to discuss what I’ll do next. I’m in two minds as to whether I want to continue with full-time stipendiary ministry, or whether to do something else and minister in a non-stipendiary way. I am called to priesthood, about that I am certain. But priesthood doesn’t necessarily equal Rector of a parish.

I’d like to work with people who are currently not connected with Church, I’d like to work with IT helping people connect with God through that medium. But is there space for that within the institutional church? It’s a sad state of affairs in the Church that I would even consider that the only way to engage in such arenas would have to be outwith the walls of the institutional Church.

I’m looking forward to +Brian’s take on this, and on the future of the Church. There is also the big question about the future of St Salvador’s, the congregation that I serve most. I hope to have some answers about these matters when I post tomorrow evening. (I’m posting it 1st class to the USA, I’ve decided.)

In other news: my good friend Peter Leeming is staying for a few days; he’s staying until Friday. On Thursday he has an interview in Perth for an archaeology job. So, as Peter pointed out, my future is being decided tomorrow, his the following day.

If it is your tradition and discipline, please do pray for Peter and myself. That God will guide us, and those into whose hands our future is placed.