An odd day

It’s been a really odd day today.

Thursday is usually my day off, but today I’ve had to finish plan a funeral for Friday (tomorrow) as the details from the family didn’t arrive until after 10pm last night, and in a couple of hours I’m off to church to conduct a wedding rehearsal for a wedding that will take place on Saturday.

It’s hard — emotionally draining — flip flopping between those events: wedding rehearsal, funeral, wedding. I don’t know if I’m coming or going. And all the while, on my supposed-day off feeling as though I can’t do anything of my own, I just have to wait. Things ticking around in my head. Have I done this, is that all organised, is there anything I have forgotten?

So, I washed my bike. In the bath. Then I washed the bathroom. Then I took my bike outside and discovered that I’d missed a bit. I washed my bike again, outside. And then discovered that my front gear gripshift is broken, so made an appointment to take it into the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op for a service. And then I discovered that I’d missed cleaning another bit.

My website, email and blog (MySQL database) has been on the blink for the last 24 hours; my blog was down for most of today. The server my site is on went down big style. Some kind of major hardware failure, I understand.

And England, having bowled Australia out for 190 on the first day of the Ashes test series, are now struggling on 49 for 5. (If that makes no sense to you: that’s bad!)

An odd, odd day. I hope it picks up.