I’m only going to complain about this heat in the winter!

It’s a hot day in Edinburgh town! I checked the thermometer in my study at 0930 and it read a cool 81°F / 27.2°C.

Around 1145 I put the thermometer, face up on my window ledge and came back fifteen minutes later. It had gone off the scale! It was reading at least 120°F / 48.8°C. That was obviously not the correct way to measure the outside temperature!

It’s now standing upright against my window, still in the sunshine, and reading a more respectable 92°F / 33.3°C.

But I’m not complaining; even though I do quite literally feel like a melting snowman in this heat. I’ll only complain about it in the depth of next winter. “My word!” I’ll exclaim as I’m throwing another folder of sermons on the fire, “Wasn’t the summer at times unbearably hot!”