Back on my bike

I went out on my bike today, for the first time in nearly 2 months.

It’s pouring with rain, but the perfect weather for cycling in, wrapped up in my cycling gear: cycling longs, long-sleeved and necked wicking top, hooded top, and breatheable waterproof jacket. I was like a furnace, the summer rain a welcome coolant on my face. I was only out for 30 minutes — a quick jaunt from the top of Drum Brae to Crammond and back, via Davidson’s Mains and a busy Queensferry Road — but it was a good, gentle start.

I’ve missed cycling while being off sick. I’m beginning to recognise that if I don’t get out to do some regular physical exercise then I get down, down, deeper and down. And I also need to balance it with a healthy eating, sleeping and prayer routine. You know, I reckon the monks got it pretty well spot on.