The power of defrag

Amazing what an overnight defrag does to your PC. My PC had gradually been slowing down, and it was getting more and more noticeable with frequently-used applications, such as Outlook and Firefox, taking longer and longer to start up. So, the night before last, I left my PC on overnight and ran a full system defragment using O&O Defrag (I have version 6). By the morning, I was quite astounded just how much faster my system is now running; it is positively flying along now.

O&O Defrag allows you to defragment the files on your hard drive using any one of five methods. I chose the “COMPLETE/Access method” which “defragments your files and reorganizes your file structure” and “guarantees maximum system performance when your files are being read.” I’ll let O&O Help tell you what that means:

Files are sorted according to when they were last accessed. The files that have been accessed the least will be placed at the beginning of the partition, and those that are accessed that most frequently are put near the end. Seldom-used files are defragmented and will not need to be moved in future. Frequently-used files are placed at the end of the volumes. This strategy means that future defragmentation runs are as quick as possible, as fewer files need to be checked and defragmented.

I was beginning to wonder whether I might need to reinstall Windows, but a defrag was all I needed.

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  1. We run Diskeeper on the Servers and have noticed more stability and better performance. The advanced features that the utility offers are neat and defragmenting is hardly a bother as it once used to be.

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