Searching for INF files

Here’s a question posed to me by my friend James:

Do you know if there’s a way of seeing which .inf file a device is using for its driver?

I didn’t, and he didn’t. But together we seemed to work it out, with a little bit of detective work.

See, James is trying to get his PCMCIA WiFi card to work on his laptop under Linux. It works under Windows, and James thought that some of the information contained in the .inf file might be useful.

I discovered from the INF File Sections and Directives pages on the MSDN website that the .inf file contains a list of all the driver files installed. And given that you can find which driver files are being used by any piece of hardware in the Device Manager it seemed only sensible that a text search in the C:\Windows\inf folder (once viewing hidden system files has been enabled in Folder Options) would throw up the .inf file required. And that seemed to do the trick. So, well done us!

(I use Agent Ransack for searches, as I find it more reliable and faster than the built-in Windows XP ‘puppy dog’ search.)

Possible spam, what do you think?

I opened this email today; I’m wondering if it could possibly be spam, or if the attached Zip file might have a virus payload.

Sent: Wednesday 15 June 2005 14:02
Subject: Your password has been updated

Dear user gareth,

You have successfully updated the password of your Garethjmsaunders account.

If you did not authorize this change or if you need assistance with your account, please contact Garethjmsaunders customer service at:

Thank you for using Garethjmsaunders!
The Garethjmsaunders Support Team

+++ Attachment: No Virus (Clean)
+++ Garethjmsaunders Antivirus –

I asked my friend James what he thought. He replied “I think it may be spam. Do you have your own support team?”

I sometimes wish I did have my own support team! It looks like I have my own antivirus product too (Garethjmsaunders Antivirus). Now why didn’t I mention this to my friend Simon last night when he was asking about AV software. Now, I wonder.