OFFER: Psion Dacom Gold Cards

I now have two Psion Dacom Gold Cards surplus to requirements. Free to a good home, or homes. If you want them you can have them.

  • 1 x V34+Fax – no cable – you get it as you see it.
  • 1 x 56k+Fax – possibly broken,with cable and PhoneTools software on 3.5″ disk. (I also have the “Gold Card Global V.90 Disks” – Utilities Disk and Win95/98/NT Drivers, if you also want a copy of these on 3.5″ or CDROM.

This is what they look like:

Psion Dacom Gold Card modems

You’d get them just as you see them. I’m happy to pay postage, they are no use to me now.

2 thoughts on “OFFER: Psion Dacom Gold Cards”

  1. I have a Psion 56k + FAX card (like the one in the picture) and desparately need the cable for use with an old Compaq latop – can you sned the cable for me to try?

    Will send my address if you still have the cable &software disk – not CD – 3 1/4″ floopy – if not i’ll borrow a CD drive

    T De Vos

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