OFFER: Psion Dacom Gold Cards

I now have two Psion Dacom Gold Cards surplus to requirements. Free to a good home, or homes. If you want them you can have them.

  • 1 x V34+Fax – no cable – you get it as you see it.
  • 1 x 56k+Fax – possibly broken,with cable and PhoneTools software on 3.5″ disk. (I also have the “Gold Card Global V.90 Disks” – Utilities Disk and Win95/98/NT Drivers, if you also want a copy of these on 3.5″ or CDROM.

This is what they look like:

Psion Dacom Gold Card modems

You’d get them just as you see them. I’m happy to pay postage, they are no use to me now.

Posting to my blog from a Psion Series 7

I’m posting this entry from my Psion Series 7 (EPOC Web application).

For a couple of days I’ve been struggling to work out how to get my new Series 7 to connect to the web via the Psion Dacom Gold Card (56k+Fax) modem that came with it. At last it has worked! … using a different Gold Card.

I now have three Gold Card Multi-function PCCards: 2 x 56k+Fax and 1 x V34+Fax. I don’t have the connector for the V34, but I’m going to test out the other 56k model to see if it really wasn’t working. How fun!

RSS Feed for Danny Wallace’s new website

Being geeky has its benefits. I just discovered today that my friend Danny Wallace has a new website design.

I had a look at it. Hmm, that looks nice. I wonder if it has an RSS feed? … no link. That looks like … I wonder if it is running off a PostNuke CMS. I hit “View Source” on my special geeky, web developer toolbar in Firefox. I found the magic line:

<meta name="generator" content="PostNuke -">

Now, I happen to know that if you add /backend.php to a PostNuke domain name you get the RSS feed. I did, and I did.

So, if you want the RSS feed for Danny Wallace’s new website it is:

RSS feed:

Geek lesson over for today.

Cat on a cold tiled roof

I woke up very early this morning — maybe around 4am — and for some reason I instinctively looked over to the Velux window (our bedroom is part of an attic conversion). Which is odd, because I have such terrible eyesight I’m not sure what I hoped to see.

But I did see something: I saw one of our cats, Spot, looking in through the window at me, from above. It had been such a warm night that I’d left the window open ajar. I didn’t think that (a) it was open enough for the cat to get out of, or (b) that the cat would be stupid enough to venture out onto the sloped roof. But I was wrong on both counts. I stumbled over to the window, gently pushed it open further, and coaxed Spot back in.

Video for Skype

In February I wrote a blog entry about the free Voice over IP (VoIP) service Skype.

Yesterday, my friend Ricky emailed me asking:

have you discovered yet? Nice.

Sounded intriguing so I checked it out. As the name suggests this is a (free) plugin for Skype that enables realtime webcam streaming along with the Skype voice data. So not only can you speak to your friends and family, you can now also see them too. Here’s a screenshot from

Video for Skype

Looks good.