In through the out door

The excitement of receiving my new Psion Series 7 on Thursday has been superceded a little by the grief of losing my Psion Series 5mx this evening to a broken screen cable.

Which, while being pretty and a bit 1970s retro, wasn’t a whole lot of good when I opened it at the team meeting this evening wanting to add something to my to do list.

Thankfully my dear friends at POS Ltd. will come to the rescue, and I’ll get it back in no time at all, looking good as new. This will be my first 5mx that I send to them, having sent a couple of 3mx machines in the past.

At the moment I’m backing it up — 12 mins 5 seconds to go now.

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  1. They are rather splendid those Series 7’s, aren’t they? I had one a few months ago. With the Netbook ROM and right PCMCIA wireless card it even connects to a network. Excellent for wireless surfing. I kept my 5 and 5MX but sold on the 7 (reluctantly) when I needed the spondulix! I don’t think there has been a better design than the Series 7. It is remarkable and a great surprise that the product was effectively dropped (ignoring the NB Pro). I notice that, looking at the POS Ltd web-site, they might be remanufacturing the 5MX ? Not sure, but it looks that way.

  2. It does look like that, indeed. The PsiXPda, I believe it will be called. POS Ltd are also taking on all the Psion repairs from Psion, I believe.

    I’m very impressed with the Series 7, so far. The keyboard is great, the screen is much clearer than that of the 5 or 5mx. I’d like to explore the possibility of network coverage — someone left me a message on a newsgroup to say that I should also be able to use a WiFi card with the Series 7.

    I use a Lucent wireless card in my 7book (and in the plain Series 7 that it was before it was a 7book). Using the “Lucent WaveLAN / Orinocco Card” settings in the firmware. The card, which I got second hand from a now-forgotten source, is badged “Lucent Technologies” WaveLAN silver, part no. pc24e-ow-fc (fcc id IMRWLPC24). This works fine, but doesn’t support any WEP encryption (or at least I’ve not been able to make it work with any!)

    We have a WiFi network here in the house — now that would be fun. Not essential, but certainly fun.

  3. Yes Gareth, the “7book” certainly will run a WiFi card. The “7Book” as you probably know is a series 7 with a netbook ROM fitted. The problems are mainly centered around the power output to the PCMCIA card. A genuine netbook supplies sufficient. A 7Book does, but only for certain low-power cards, such as the lucent based ones (I used a Buffalo brand). The plain 7… well I doubt it has the power or built-in driver, but if you have a card, try! Otherwise try to get hold of a netbook ROM card (expansys or Ebay etc)

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