Psion Series 7

On Sunday I won a Psion Series 7 computer on eBay, for a cool £187, including postage and packing. This also included a leather case, and a Psion Gold Card (a multi-function card, including a 56k modem). Here it is, as illustrated on eBay.

Psion Series 7

I’ve spent the last couple of hours installing software on it, including a wonderful application called EPOCSync which allows me to synchronize my Series 5mx with my new Series 7 via IRDA (InfraRed)! Very many thanks to Bernard for that tip.

Also installed this evening were

  • PocketChess for EPOC (Freeware)
  • MahJongg v.1.21 (Registered) by Adrian Collister
  • Opera 5.14 for EPOC (Shareware)
  • psiMind (Freeware) — a mindmapper application
  • PDF+ (Registered) — for viewing PDF files, including the Series 7 manual
  • Street ’99 (Commercial) with the entire map of Edinburgh.
  • EPOC Text Editor, v.1.41 (049)

Still much to install (hoorah for Compact Flash cards!). I have a 256MB and a 64MB card.

I’ll write more about it later. Must get to bed now.

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I’m Gareth J M Saunders, 50 years old, 6′ 4″, father of 3 boys (including twins). Enneagram type FOUR and introvert (INFP), I am a non-stipendiary priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church, I sing with the NYCGB alumni choir, play guitar, play mahjong, write, draw and laugh… Scrum master at Sky. Latterly, web architect and agile project manager at the University of St Andrews and former warden at Agnes Blackadder Hall.

13 thoughts on “Psion Series 7”

  1. Pedant’s corner – you didn’t ‘win’ it, you were willing to pay more than anyone else for it. That’s not winning, it’s shopping… 😉


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  3. From my notification email from eBay:

    Congratulations – You’re the Winning Buyer
    Psion Series 7 Notebook Computer

    I’m a winner. And so are you!

  4. I thought the shopping comment was funny. Enjoy the Psion – I had about three of the older models during my PDA craze phase.

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  13. Let’s be honest, I’m looking for help! I’ve had a Psion7 for years and I love it. Even Windows Netbooks don’t offer the same utility. But, although I back it up and it works fine, I’m concerned that one day I’ll drop it or something. So I’ve bought a spare (it’s actually a Psion Netbook).

    It’s in super condition and I doubt it’s ever been used. But, the batteries were flat and it’s lost its system. On bootup it asks for a bootable CF card orstart ‘rominst’. I’ve gone right through the manual and the websites and I can’t find how to do this.

    Can anybody help me with how to do this? I’ve got plenty of CF cards.

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