Norton AntiVirus for Humans

If only Symantec also shipped Norton AntiVirus for Humans! I could certainly do with it just now. I’ve been battling some kind of viral bug since Monday 9 May, and while I’ve been improving I’m still feeling under the weather.

I’ve been frustrated with my GP practice since we joined, which makes me a little hesitant about making appointments. As soon as I find a nice GP he or she leaves the practice. Some I’ve found to be poor listeners, or I leave the surgery feeling that I’ve been wasting their time. I don’t think I’ve seen the same doctor twice in two years!

Today I saw Dr David Crookes who was very understanding and helpful; I’ll have to ask for him the next time. He assured me that I had been treating this the right way (rest, fluids, paracetamol, decongestant and cough medicine); he listened to my lungs, I don’t have a chest infection, so antibiotics wouldn’t be effective, so I should just keep treating it the way that I have been. It should clear soon. (You would think!) I just wish that I had a little more energy. And made fewer trips to the bathroom. And didn’t go through paper tissues like they were going out of fashion.

I wonder how you would download updates for Norton AntiVirus for Humans…

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