2 thoughts on “Radio One Rock Show”

  1. I was digging through a cupboard the other day and found some ancient cassettes. I played one and – Alan Freeman, Saturday afternoon rock show circa 1975/6. Only a couple of songs but did it rock? Not ‘alf.

  2. I used to have a TDK D90 cassette of the Friday Rock Show circa 198/89, featuring the late, great Tommy Vance. I’ve no idea what happened to it. I guess I must have taped over it with a Slayer or Celtic Frost album. I remember it had a great song — that I’ve never found out since what it was — by German rock god Udo Dirkschneider, plus some legendary Candlemass, and various other bits and pieces. I’ve often wished I’d kept it, but in those heady days cassettes were a valuable commodity for tape swapping.

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