Break-dancing 2CV robot

This is genius! You know that advert on TV with the Citroën car that turns into a Transformer robot? Well someone has remade it with a Citroën 2CV for B3ta … not exactly a state of the art car! I’ve watched it three times and it just gets better with each viewing.

Dancing 2CV Transformer robot (WMV, 2.22 MB)

Postscript: just goes to show how successful advertising is. When I wrote this earlier this morning I wrote “Renault 2CV” rather than Citroën.

Update: I’ve corrected “Citreon” to “Citroën”. Thanks for all the commënts.

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6 thoughts on “Break-dancing 2CV robot”

  1. Thanks for the correction. I never noticed your correction until just now — I’d been explaining the advert to Jane and my Mum yesterday, and Jane said “… it’s not Renault, it’s Citrëon!”

    Geek corner: ‘e’ with an omelette is Alt+0235: ë, see!

  2. Actually it’s an accent. An Umlaut is a device in German Grammar for denoting an additional e after the letter shown, i.e. München, or Muenchen (Munich).

  3. Thanks for all the corrections. I’ve finally corrected the actual post to Citroën.

    I’m usually really fussed about spelling things badly, but oddly it would appear that I have an unusually high tolerance for wrongly-spelled French car manufacturers. I wonder how long I can resist changing the following:

    • Renealt
    • Citreön
    • Puegeot

    Probably ages, is my guess.

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