(Website) update

I’ve been cracking on with rewriting the website for the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain this last week, which is why there has been a dearth of posts on my blog.

(I did also take some time out to install a new anti-spam trap for comments, that appears to be working — although it did, oddly, ban a post from a friend of mine. Hmmm, and she wasn’t trying to sell me viagra or encourage me to play online poker!)

I’m finally getting somewhere after the initial slog of writing the basic CSS file for the WordPress 1.5 theme, which this evening survived a reorganisation and comment writing session. The css file experienced a good editing too as I began to discover how much superfluous and/or duplicated code I had.

Tomorrow I need to tidy up my use of headings (Hn) in the structured markup. I wish I could find some guidelines about this somewhere. Headings have for many years been used wrongly to control the size of the text rather than describing the structure of the document. My intention is to use H1 for header text, H2 for main headings in the content div, H3 for sub-headings in the content div … but what I want guidance on is what heading level to use in the sidebar.

Update later: I discovered this discussion about the use of H tags.