MSN Messenger 7 and Messenger Plus! 3.5

I’ve just upgraded to MSN Messenger version 7, and installed the latest version of Messenger Plus! v.3.5 which now supports version 7.

I’m quite impressed, to be honest. On the surface it appears to have largely the same features as version 6.2 with only a few significant additions. One that I like is the ability to share sketches or drawings as well as text. Another is the option to ‘nudge’ the other person’s window, which shakes the conversation window. There are also a number of ‘winks’ which appear to be customized animations with sound, such as a hand knocking on the inside of the monitor — although I’m not entirely sure how helpful these will be.

Messenger Plus! adds a greater number of add-ons that I find very useful, such as keyword shortcuts (eg ‘/away’ or ‘(!WAT)’ to display what WinAmp is currently playing), the ability to rename your contacts, and customized away messages, with auto-reply messages. The latest version supports Messenger version 7.

This is what the internet is for!