Bar Keepers Friend (sic)

Bar Keepers' Friend

While in Inverness I got terribly excited when I realised that I could visit Farm and Household Stores to buy some Bar Keepers Friend (sic). (It does annoy me that there is no apostrophe in the name! Bar Keeper’s Friend or Bar Keepers’ Friend, if you please!)

I first discovered the wonders of BKF while working at Lena Fox House (a Shaftesbury Society homeless hostel for young people) in 1995. As the bottle proclaims BKF “cleans where others fail”.

BAR KEEPERS FRIEND is a professional formula powder cleaner for removing difficult household stains.

It is suitable for copper, chrome, china, stainless steel, plastic, brass, grouting, tiles and composition sinks.

It is approved by Wedgwood, Tricity Bendix, sink manufacturers and Corian.
Available at Asda, Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, John Lewis Stores, other supermarkets and independents or by online shopping.

It is wonderful stuff! Fabulous for cleaning sinks, fridge doors (especially if you need to remove sticky deposits from adhesive labels), kettles and lots, lots more.

Cillit Bang? Bah! Bar Keepers Friend all the way!

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