Cellardyke: locks, gloss and two smoking boilers

Back to Cellardyke this afternoon to meet a kind man from Scottish Gas, who priced a new boiler for us (nearly £3,000 inc VAT) while Jane and I tackled our snag list of bits and pieces left to do on the house. I went crazy with a tube of Polyfilla, while Jane began glossing a couple of windows (not the glass bit!), some skirting boards and the dreaded louvered cupboard doors in the main bedroom.

I was particularly proud of fixing the Yale lock on the front door. The trouble was two-fold: first, the lock was really stiff, and second, when the door was closed it didn’t sit flush against the door frame (architrave?). I managed to fix the stiffness problem by adjusting a couple of screws here, a couple of screws … actually, it turned out to be just the first set of screws. The second problem would require some careful measuring, a hammer, a chisel and some prayer. But, do you know, I managed it. I’m getting better at this controlled hacking-bits-of-wood-from-a-door lark. The door now sits flush to the frame when closed (so that it doesn’t bang back and forth when there is a wind) and has the added bonus of you being able to unlock it from the outside, without feeling that you’re a master locksmith carefully picking it open. I’m still glowing from that piece of craftsmanship.

This Thursday we do the mammoth Ikea run and buy furniture: a double bed, a bunk bed, two shelves, a wardrobe, a dining room table and six chairs. Then we may pop into Comet or Currys for a fridge. I can see that after shopping, I’m going to be spending most of my next day off building flat-pack furniture.

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