IRC Bible

My friend James pointed me to this website again. I remember discovering it a couple of years ago, but forgot to bookmark it.

The IRC Bible tells stories from the good book as though they were in an internet chat room. Here’s an example from Epiphany:

* Wiseman1 has joined #Jerusalem
* Wiseman2 has joined #Jerusalem
* Wiseman3 has joined #Jerusalem
<wiseman1> lo
<wiseman2> lo
<wiseman3> lo
<wiseman1> Where is he that is born King of the Jews?
<wiseman2> for we have seen his star in the east,
<wiseman3> and are come to worship him.
<herod> wtf?! that sounds like trouble
<jerusalem> we agree!
<herod> Priests! Scribes! What channel will Christ join?
<priest> lol thats easy
<scribe> yeah, it's #Bethlehem obviously :P
<herod> k, ehm... wise men!
<herod> When did you see this star?
<wiseman1> dunno
<wiseman2> for ages!
<wiseman3> yeah, like already in the east and stuff
<herod> Go to #Bethlehem and check if that king is there
<herod> and if he is, come back here and report
<herod> that I may come and worship him also
<wiseman1> k
<wiseman2> off we go
<wiseman3> LOL WTF!!!1 theres teh star again!!!1!
<wiseman1> /join #Bethlehem
<wiseman2> /join #Bethlehem
<wiseman3> /join #Bethlehem
* Wiseman1 has left #Jerusalem
* Wiseman2 has left #Jerusalem
* Wiseman3 has left #Jerusalem

PC Maintenance

Today is my day off. I spent much of it trying to fix a problem that has been randomly plaguing my PC for months: occasionally — and more often than not — while playing multimedia files (MP3s, DVDs, etc) my PC makes popping and crackling noises whenever I type. Which is more than a little annoying.

Having uninstalled my SoundBlaster Audigy 2 drivers the other day and reinstalling I thought I had fixed the problem. I hadn’t.

So today it was back to the newsgroups archives and Google. I spent much of this afternoon updating Audigy drivers, flashing the BIOS, and installing newer motherboard chipset drivers. Here’s hoping.

Fingers-crossed I may now have fixed it, but I’m not going to hold my breath. But so far (… so far!) I’ve not had any problems. And I even had a game of Star Wars BattleFront without my PC locking up on me, which was what usually happened.