Scared of Santa

Each Friday the kind people at B3ta towers send me an email full of irreverent nonsense created by people like you and me. Today they drew readers’ attention to the Scared of Santa photo gallery.

These are my three favourites, in reverse order, with comments by me:

#3. This, I reckon, is where the inspiration for the Blair Witch Project came from. How, in the name of the wee man, did the girl in the middle get her hood so pointy?! I suspect, thinking about it, it’s just that her hair is standing on end.

#2. I swear the girl on the right is a young Mrs Doyle, from Fr Ted, and I love the expression on the face of the poor boy in the middle.

Scared of Santa
#1. I reckon it was Santa’s robotic hand dropping off that scared this poor kid the most.

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