Spam watch

I don’t know about you, but I seem to be getting more and more spam these days. So I decided to monitor it for a week, and because I thought of that last Friday I began collecting spam on Saturday at midnight. I say ‘collecting’, I simply mean that I didn’t delete any after that. I use Microsoft Outlook 2003, which has a very good spam filter that traps around 99% of all my spam.

Over the course of a week, from Saturday 29 January, 00:00 to Friday 4 February, 23:59 I received a grand total of 855 spam emails. And in the words of Dave Gorman, let’s see what that does to the graph:

Spam graph
A graph of the number of spam emails that I received over seven days

That’s an average of 122.1428571 spam emails per day, which, as my friend James Frost rightly pointed out, is 38.879278941664008329950576272238 times pi. If I wasn’t using a spam filter imagine the amount of work I would have to do to delete all that evil spam. It really makes me sad, and angry, that people send out so much junk mail. It is quite upsetting.