I have a Gmail address, thanks to my friend James Frost, which I don’t use very often. In fact, I think James is the only other person who knows that address and unless he suddenly gets the urge to become a spammer I foresee that I’ll not have any spam in that mail box for a good while to come.

A word of explanation: the only way to get a Gmail account, at the moment, is to be invited by someone who has been invited by Google, who are behind the Gmail project. Referrals are what makes the internet tick. (It doesn’t tick, you say. Stop what you are doing and listen… see!)

I rediscovered the following this morning. Once I had set up my account I emailed James a test message. I usually send the conservative, and rather geeky message: “Hello world”. But for some reason I sent the following:

Wow! I have an email address all of my own now. Now I don’t have to pray to the dwarf god of Norway*. Nor will I have to spend days draining the blood from used goats in order to write on them in a weak ink made from chips. My life is now so complete. And I have you to thank for it. Thank you, O thank you. May your legs always work, and
your arms not turn to dust.


(* or Ikea)

To which James replied:

Yes thank you. I am from Switzerland and not English am I speaking well. Could you fax details to download Psion Symbian celebration chipping?

Samwise Gamgee, my brother, and ham. Thankyou for kindness of website and wisdom in elders. Marjorie.


Berusso Dortmund

No. I have no idea what they mean either. But given that James is one of the funniest humans I know, and frequently has me in fits of laughter so that water is leaking from my eyes (as Ming’s PA, from the movie Flash Gordon might put it), I thought I’d share it anyway. Good boing!