Cellardyke … it’s a gas waiting so long

Back to the house this afternoon to await the return of a Scottish Gas engineer to replace the jet for the pilot light. It needed replaced and rather than risk the house freezing should the weather turn nasty in the near future (would it do that? I’m not so sure!) I decided to book the return visit for this afternoon, after 14:30.

I arrived at the house with plenty of time to spare, at 14:18. At 15:58 I wandered down to the harbour to find a phone signal (no O2 signal in our house or garden) and phone Jane: “Hello! I’m cold and bored!” Typically, the gas engineer arrived about ten minutes later.

He was a cheery, friendly man who fitted the new jet to the fire, and then tested it using a special machine that sang a nice ditty when it found a gas leak. He tested for CO2 emissions — none, and then asked me to nip upstairs to check the radiators were working okay, which they were. Job’s a good ‘un.

The drive home felt longer than usual, although I am now getting the hang of the road, and the order of towns along the Fife coast: Cellardyke, Anstruther, Pittenweem, St Monan’s, Elie, Drumeldrie, Lundin Links, Leven…

This evening I need to finish my Powerpoint presentation for this weekend; I revised it while practically hugging an oil-filled electric radiator waiting for the gas engineer.

Into the deep

Only a few days now until Deep Impact 2005 in Aviemore and the scene in the Saunders’ household is much the same as prior to the previous two Deep Impact weekends, in 2000 and 2002: one of controlled panic and frantic session writing.

Believe it or not, I’ve never used Microsoft PowerPoint before. My old PC, a Time AMD K6/2 500MHz running Windows 98se, had a dodgy graphics card driver that would always crash whenever I ran PowerPoint. I tried to update the graphics card drivers and whenever I did the PC would refuse to boot. It did the same with the presentation software on the Lotus Smartsuite too, Freelance. And the OpenOffice.org Impress. So in the end I just gave up. My new PC, a NetHighStreet Athlon XP 2800+, doesn’t have the same problem — I would expect not with a Radeon 9800 installed.

So, this evening I’ve been creating a presentation, in Powerpoint 2000, for a session I’m co-leading with Struan Gardner called “Gems among the rubbish: a guide to the web”. The focus? Web standards, Accessibility, Open Source, and Mozilla Firefox. Of course!!