Calendar Reform

Professor Dick Henry at John Hopkins University in the US has proposed a new, revised calendar that would mean that every date falls on the same day of the week each year.

So, for example, my birthday (11 November) would always fall on a Friday, year after year after year, and Christmas Day (25 December, just in case you’d forgotten) would always fall on a Sunday. Now I’m beginning to warm to that idea!

As well as a revision to the calendar, Prof Henry also wants to standardize time to GMT. This would mean that if it was 1pm in London then it would also be 1pm in San Francisco, regardless of whether it was in the middle of the night or not. You can see his point: “Phone me at 10pm” would mean the same thing no matter if the call was from Edinburgh to Selkirk, or Edinburgh to Sydney.

You can check out his Common-Civil-Calendar-and-Time (C&T) calendar at

His plan is to get universal, world-wide approval of his ideas by 1 January 2006. I feel a Y2K+6 Bug coming on.