Today, I rearranged my desk. That’s just how exciting today was!

Actually, I put up my old TV wall bracket. Twice.

We found the bracket in the garage in our house in Inverness, and since nobody had claimed it within six months — and it was too small to balance the car on in the garage — I kept it, screwed it to the wall and it safely held my 14″ TV above the filing cabinet in my study for a couple of years.

Needing a bit more surface space I decided to once again employ the particular skills of the AVF (that’s the make) TV bracket. I found it in the cupboard in the spare room. Held it against the wall, marked the holes, drill, bang in the rawlplugs, electric screwdriver, and job’s a good ‘un.

For about five minutes.

The whole thing… the WHOLE thing came off the wall, bounced off my filing cabinet and landed on my desk, rather like a weird, square, plastic Professor Yaffle stepping down from his lofty perch. Remarkably, the thing still works! Undeterred I banged-in larger, meaner-looking rawlplugs. The kind of rawlplugs that are probably banned in three star systems (and probably not even made my Rawl).

A couple of hours later and it’s still up there. Here’s hoping.