Jane’s radio-alarm woke me up around 3:45am this morning. Radio 1’s early-morning film-review show was on. Within a few seconds Jane reached over and blearily hit the snooze button. “I was listening to that!” I protested. Jane laughed and ignored me.

My radio-alarm kicked into life around fifteen minutes later. And Jane got up. (Maybe we should swap sides in bed!) Ninety minutes later — once Jane had packed her small rucksack, unpacked, packed everything into a suitcase, unpacked the suitcase, and finally re-packed everything into her small rucksack once again — I dropped Jane and her older sister, Pauline, off at Edinburgh airport, en route for a four-day break in Prague, Czech Republic (as opposed to the Prague just outside Birmingham!!?).

I was telling Mum on the phone last night that Jane and Pauline were heading off to Prague today (although on the phone I used the word “tomorrow”, as it was yesterday when I told her that).
“Why on earth is she going to Prague?” Mum asked.
“Why on earth are you going to Prague?” I asked Jane, who had just walked into the room.
“The markets,” she replied. And she was serious. Jane and her sister have flown halfway across … the, er… flown halfway across twice-the-distance-between-Prague-and-Edinburgh to go shopping. At a market. Like the ones you get at Kinross, not 30 miles from here. (Although, to be fair, that is technically a car-boot sale, and not as picturesque as Prague.)

Girls, eh! Shopping! Hasn’t she heard of the internet?! I can’t think of anything I’d want that I couldn’t get from Amazon. Honestly…!