It’s just not Cricket!

I’ve just read the following distressing news on the BBC News website:

Live coverage of England’s home Test matches will no longer be available on terrestrial TV from 2006 onwards.
The England and Wales Cricket Board has awarded an exclusive four-year contract to BSkyB, which will run until 2009.

Highlights of each day’s play in the Test matches will, however, be screened on Five, which replaces Channel 4 as cricket’s sole terrestrial broadcaster.

The BBC has retained the exclusive rights for radio coverage of home Tests and one-day internationals.

I agree whole-heartedly with former England captain, Alex Stewart, when he said

“Young girls and boys should be able to see cricket without having to pay for it.

“The ECB have to look at the whole picture. They may be getting a big cheque but long-term, English cricket will suffer.”

There is nothing I like better than sitting in front of my PC during a test-match, with my portable 14″ TV tuned in to Channel 4, to my left, enjoying the progress of the match through the day while getting on with umpteen other things (you can’t do that so easily watching rugby, now can you?!). Greed! that’s what it is. Bah!