Watch out danger

I picked up some old school jotters of mine when I was home visiting my Mum this weekend. Here’s something I wrote on 29 January 1981; I was in Primary 5:

I know some dangers in your home. If your pan goes on fire my mum has a metal tray to puton it and a fire extinggwisher. If a plug is loose turn it off but if someone is stuck to it knock them out the way but if it is 150v you leave them to die.

Harsh, I know. Obviously public safety was of utmost importance in the life this Scottish schoolboy, if a little misguided in its accuracy.

Here’s another one, with spelling uncorrected:

“I have bean in two hospitals. I’ve been in peel and cottage hospitail. My dad was in reesantly with a rupturde kidney.”

Then I drew what looks like me trying to draw what I imagined a ‘rupturde’ kidney looks like. Including the word ‘pop’ next to it.

There’s more… but I’ll keep the best till tomorrow.


I’m still dumbstruck by the result of the recent US(eless) election; saddened and speechless! It’s not that I am a particularly strong fan of John Kerry, but I and all of Europe with me were desperate to see Bush dethroned from a presidency that he never won in the first place! The world feels like a much more dangerous place today. And just why the British Government is also supporting such an unethical and illegal war in Iraq is beyond me.

I think I may get one of these: Join the Wake.

Late letter

I received this letter in the post today:

Date. 2004.10.28

Dear Sir / Madam,

I hope this letter finds you well.
We will hold the “2004 Japan Championship in Mahjong” in Osaka on Oct. 31.
Since the pamphlet was done, I send you it.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Kyoichiro Noguchi

I was quite touched that they had taken the trouble to write to me personally (my real name is actually ‘Sir/Madam’). However, the letter was written on 28th October, and I received it on 2nd November: a clear 3 days after the championship had begun. Close… but no Pung Mahjong! Next year, perhaps?

Kaiowas video

I just discovered this video download on the Sepultura website. It is of their acoustic track Kaiowas played on the MTV Brazil Video Music Awards.

“Kaiowas” was named, I seem to remember, after a Brazilian tribe that committed mass suicide after the government encroached upon their land. Powerful stuff, and a really great track: acoustic guitars and drums, with this version adding a squadron of ‘cellos.