Noise and shouting

I’ve been reading through the November issue of Metal Hammer magazine and came across a less than favourable review of Glasgow thrash band Mendeed‘s debut album “From Shadows Came”:

While there is no doubt that they can play, their songs are a bit generic – not to mention totally devoid of any creative spark… a collection of totally unspectacular straight up thrash metal tracks – with the added bonus of a bit of fret board wankery thrown in now and again for good measure.

I have to say that I was quite glad that the review wasn’t exactly glowing. I saw Mendeed supporting Anthrax (who were amazing) last year and, at the risk of sounding like my Mum, to me it was just a lot of noise and shouting! And it would appear I’m not the only one. And remember I like a good bit of noise and shouting at the best of times: Slayer, StoneSour, Lamb of God, Godflesh, Testament, Exodus, Mastodon, et al.

I just hope there are no Wegie Metal Neds reading this…!

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3 thoughts on “Noise and shouting”

  1. Have to say I didn’t understand that last paragraph!!?? Perhaps my age showing!

    I remember going to see “Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow” show back in the 80’s, backed by Rose Tattoo – an Australian “Noise Band” (my term). The latter were so loud – or their amps set up so wrongly for the size of hall – that my ears were ringing painfully by the end and I couldn’t hear (truely!) the main act.

    After years of going to many rock concerts I decided that a good stereo system at home is much better. Only a couple of groups sounded as good live as on LP/CD – Status Quo and Alice Cooper…..

    Sound like an old fogie don’t I?

  2. Yeah, strange how you neglect to mention the 4K Kerrang review, the two 4K live Kerrang live reviews, Zero Tolerance calling the band ‘The Future Of British metal’, the special guest slots coming up on the Cradle Of Filth and Amen tours, the playlistings on Scuzz and MTV2, the radio one rock show session and airplay, etc, etc, etc. What the fuck have you actually achieved?

  3. What have I ‘actually’ achieved? I’ve actually just expressed my own personal opinion, on my weblog.

    I didn’t see the KKKK Kerrang! reviews (live or studio) and while I disagree with Zero Tolerance’s opinion that Mendeed are the “future of British metal” I respect your fondness for them. Personally they didn’t win me over on the night that I saw them live, in a way that other live bands have (eg Wolfsbane, HateBreed). I love metal — but Mendeed just didn’t do it for me on the night. A lot of noise and shouting, in my opinion. Very “stock” as Lars Ulrich might say. Didn’t grab me. Didn’t like it. But you do — which is great. Enjoy them.

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