NYCgb sneak-peek

I’m working on a new design for the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain’s website. And the link above is where I have got to so far. It is written in XHTML and CSS, with a DHTML/Javascript drop-down menu.

The more web design work I do the less impressed I am by Microsoft Internet Explorer. I don’t know, have I mentioned that before? I added the drop-down menu and tested it in a couple of different browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 1.o PR (my default browser): worked great
  • Opera 7: worked great
  • Netscape 7: worked great
  • Internet Explorer 6.0: hmmm… two hours later I managed to get something that worked, but the work-around was ludicrous! Just as well I’m an HTML genius!!

Anyway, anti-IE rant over. I hope you like the new design. The old one? Right, you can find that at (Not my work, but that of my friend Steph.)