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One of my favourite chess programs for Windows is Waxman. It’s been around since the days of the 16-bit Windows 3.x, but it still runs happily under its 32-bit cousins.

I’ve been playing version 1.4w for years, and wondered if there had been an update since that version, but Waxman seems to have dropped off the face of the internet (if indeed it was ever there to begin with). I discovered v.1.6w in a compressed .rar file, and went to the bother of installing WinRAR to allow me to access it. But I wasn’t satisfied. So I tracked down the author, and asked him about it, cheekily asking for the latest copy and whether I could distribute it on my website. To my delight he replied:

Dear (Revd) Gareth,

I’m impressed that you took the trouble to track me down. I’m also glad you like my program. I went to my archives and dug out a copy, and, wow! – there’s nothing like running an old 16-bit program on today’s 4 GHz hardware, is there?

I wouldn’t call Waxman “abandonware” yet. It is true that I’m no longer actively marketing it, but I will answer mail from people determined enough to track me down. I’m attaching the final 16-bit version (1.999w) to use or to add to your web site. Its “About” screen still refers to the now defunct PO box, etc., but that’s OK.


Ivan Bacigal
Check-Tech Software

When I’ve got some time I’ll add Waxman to my PC downloads page, and if you’re lucky I’ll also package it up in an installer.

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