New College Alumni

I got a newsletter in the mail this morning from New College, the Divinity school of The University of Edinburgh.

“This autumn sees a relaunch and expansion of activities of New College alumni” it told me. “There will be two standard events each year,” it continues, “on the opening day of the session in September an alumnus lecture” and a ‘refresher’ event’, whatever that is.

I read on, and discovered that the alumnus lecture, on the opening day of the session in September, was… wait for it… yesterday.

Yeah, thanks guys!

International Day of Prayer for Peace

Churches representing over 550 million Christians world-wide have been invited for the first time to mark Tuesday 21 September as an International Day of Prayer for Peace.

In the framework of its Decade to Overcome Violence: Churches seeking Reconciliation and Peace (2001-2010), the World Council of Churches (WCC) has called on its member churches to pray for peace on 21 September or on the Sundays preceding or following that day.

“Observing an International Day of Prayer for Peace together is one way to combine the strength and witness of churches and faith communities with the strength of the many forces in the international community who are also striving to promote peace and justice in our troubled world,” the WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia said.

UN secretary-general Kofi Annan warmly welcomed the idea of celebrating an International Day of Prayer for Peace on 21 September at a meeting with Kobia on 17 May 2004. Annan said the initiative responds to his hope that the UN Day of Peace will encourage people in different contexts to reflect together on what they can do for peace.

Priest Idol

Channel 4 to screen ‘Priest Idol’

A friend of mine (thanks Patrick) sent me this link (above) today.

“Channel 4 will screen a new series which aims to boost a congregation in a parish with poor church attendance.

With the working title Priest Idol, the show will give a vicar 12 months to boost the church’s turnout.

Backed by advisors, the vicar will be able to spend an undisclosed sum of money on anything he or she thinks will appeal to parishioners.

Being filmed in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, the three-part series is due to be broadcast at the end of 2005.” more…