Favorites (sic)

Gor blimey guv! How much rubbish did I have in my IE Favorites (sic) folder? You know how it is: you find a great site, drag the IE icon into your Favorites list and forget about it. It took me about five hours yesterday, sitting ill at my desk, to sort out the mess and organise it in such a way that Monica from Friends would want me as her best friend!

I sometime need to find the time, now, to clear out my Outlook Inbox and To File folders.

{Monday 15 March 2004} Well, didn’t I just clear out my IE Favorites folder then a couple of days later reformat my hard drive and reinstall Windows XP before remembering to backup my newly reorganised Favorites folder. Doh! The next time I did it I was far more ruthless in my binning. I also found half a day to clear out (most of) my Outlook Inbox and To File folders.

Stupid White Men

Blimey! I’ve not updated this in ages. I read a couple of books on holiday, which I’ll add soon.

Stupid White MenI’m currently reading Michael Moore’s Stupid White Men. Now there is a book that will get you interested in politics, justice and social action.

Parts of it are funny — it’s a very well written book — but other chapters have made me mad, furious, angry, and desperate to do something about the way that us humans treat other humans, and this amazing planet on which we are living.

Following my series of books about America, I’ve also got lined up to read A People’s History of the United States (1492-Present) by Howard Zinn, and Why Do People Hate America? by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies.

Frank Bello leaves Anthrax

I can’t believe it! Frank Bello (bass) is not longer in Anthrax. I happened to pop by the Anthrax website www.anthrax.com this morning and picked this news up on the forum.

It’s not clear from the website, or from the forum, whether Frank left voluntarily or whether he was asked to leave. Either way, good luck to Frank whatever he does next.

I’m just glad I got to see him twice last year (see below) in Glasgow, leaping and gurning and going metal thrashing mad. To be honest, I did think he was going a little OTT! certainly compared with the stoic Scott ‘Not’ Ian, but those were amazing gigs, nonetheless.